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How To Get FREE High PR Backlinks

Easy tricks to get free dofollow backlinks from High PR site. High PR backlinks are very valuable and reputed links for your Website or Blog. How To Get High PR Backlinks The Easy Wayt.

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Get FREE High PR Backlinks




How To Get High PR Backlinks The Easy Way - 5 Tips

As more and more people get familiarized with SEO, using various methods for obtaining high PR backlinks has become quite a popular endeavor for those seeking to improve their position and ranking in search engine result lists. If you want to learn how to get higher PR inbound links and drive traffic to your site, however, not everything works, and, due to some of the newer algorithms used by search engines, you may even hurt your site’s ranking. Following are a few of the most popular and efficient ways to build cheap backlinks with the proper use of offsite content and keywords.


Guest Posts and Blog Commenting

Some of the best blog sites have an excellent page rank, and should you be able to get your content on their pages, your site can benefit from some quality high PR exposure.

Blog comments placed on high PR blogs along with your site’s URL and the addition of keyword-enhanced anchor texts are a great way to get backlinks; however, an even better one would be to contact the blog’s owner and suggest writing a guest blog on one of those sites.


There are only a few simple steps you need to remember in order to pull this off:

• Choose a high PR blog from a similar niche to the one you’re using, and type a message to the owner suggesting a title, topic or idea for a guest blog post;

• Your message has to be short, to the point and genuine sounding;

• Also, make sure you don’t insist too much, and offer alternatives, being willing to consider other blog post ideas.

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High PR Backlinks from Social Sites

Social media and social bookmarking sites can also provide you with excellent means of creating quality backlinks by creating a profile/page and writing catchy posts.

It may take some time to get everything prepared (creating your pages, gathering followers and so on), but the results will be well worth it, since people who spend time on social media sites and end up enjoying your posts will share them often to hundreds and thousands of their friends, many of whom may do the same.

Also, you should know that many of them have millions of users who check out some of the top posts every day, so if you can write something interesting, useful or entertaining enough to become a popular bookmarking choice for readers, the amount and value of your backlinks will literally skyrocket.


Writing Press Releases

If you want to know how to get backlinks from high PR news sites, the answer is simple: write press releases and submit them to news announcement broadcasting websites along with a link to your site.

Aside from getting you a lot of exposure by submitting your press releases to high PR news sites, some of these distribution centers can also offer various benefits, such as editing your press release titles, provide print and broadcast submission services and help you achieve higher headline visibility.

In order to get the best results with press releases, your content has to be very well-written and newsworthy enough to catch a journalist’s attention. If you don’t like writing your own articles, one good solution would be to hire a cheap, freelance article writing service that can place a good press release writer at your disposal.




Getting High PR Backlinks from Popular Video Sites

Billions of users access popular online streaming video sites each day, and while video marketing might not be your preferred choice, posting comments on the most viewed videos will allow you to create some high quality backlinks pointing back to your site.

This is one of the easiest, most fun way to get high PR inbound links, and should your comments attract the viewers’ attention, you can also increase your website’s traffic ranking.



As you can see, all the methods presented here rely heavily on providing useful content for readers who visit high PR sites. Since the top search engines on the web mainly use internet content to rank websites, it is no surprise that offsite SEO relies so heavily on content creation and keyword research. While posting well-written, structured content with proper density keywords and well-chosen anchor texts on high PR sites can get search engines to like you and get you some quality inbound links, it will also influence internet users searching for quality content that could help them solve their problems. So, by providing helpful, entertaining or newsworthy content, chances are high that readers will click on the links you provide, increasing the amount of targeted web traffic your site can benefit from. High PR backlinks and the methods you use to get them may, therefore, offer you more than you expected, and in due time, through the use of the methods presented above, you may get easily increase your profit and revenue by achieving improved search engine exposure.


Top List to Get Free High PR Backlinks - Websites, Foruns, Social Networks, and more:

Backlinks are still among the backbones of search engine ranking despite the many changes in Google algorithms and ranking parameters. No matter how much Google and other major search engines emphasize the importance of having good quality contents that provide genuine value to the readers, but without backlinks websites can hardly get to the front of page of Google. If ever some of them made it to the top pages, the high ranking position of the site is short-lived.

Backlinks are like the foundation of the building. It supports the building to make it last long and withstand the raging storms and bad weathers. But if the foundation is weak, the building may still stand but only for awhile. When rain comes, it will easily stumble and fall.

Just like websites and backlinks, some sites may be able to make it to the front page of Google at first, although the chances are small, but if its ranking is not supported by good quality backlinks coming from high PR sites, then it will gradually lose its position after a few days.

That is why whenever you attained a certain page rank you must immediately reinforce it with backlinks to maintain its position. This will also make it hard for your competitors to unseat your site from its present position in major search engines particularly Google.

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Things You Should Know About Backlinking

When building backlinks to your site, it is important know some of the basics of backlink building. One of them is to know the main differences between ‘do follow’ sites and ‘no follow’ sites.


Main Difference between Do Follow and No Follow Links

As the term implies, ‘do follow’ sites are those that search engines will follow. If you create a backlink from a high PR ‘do follow’ website, the ‘do follow’ link tells Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to pass on its high page rank influence to the outbound link; that link will be counted by the search engines when calculating the page rank of the site.

In ‘no follow’ link, on the other hand, when search engines crawl on the site and see the ‘no follow’ instruction in the hyperlink, that link will not be counted when assessing the site’s page rank. Therefore, make sure to build backlinks only from ‘do follow’ sites, or your backlinking efforts will only put to waste if you create outbound links to your site from ‘no follow’ sources.


Effective Backlinking Strategies

Backlinking Strategy via Forums

One of the many ways of creating good quality backlinks is forum posting. This is quite simple to do. Unlike some methods that require you to create long articles, in this case you are spared from doing the quite tedious and time-consuming task of article writing.

All you have to do is simply ask questions in short paragraph or few sentences with a link to your site in your forum signature. You can either create a new thread with your question, or answer questions of other forum members. The more you participate in different threads, the more links you will create. You can start doing this at high PR forum sites listed here.


List of 25 ‘Do Follow’ Forum Sites with High Page Rank

     (copy the link below and past to your browser)

  1. (PR9)

  2. (PR8)

  3. (PR8)

  4. (PR8)

  5. (PR8)

  6. (PR7)

  7. (PR7)

  8. (PR7)

  9. (PR7)

10. (PR6)

11. (PR6)

12. (PR6)

13. (PR6)

14. (PR6)

15. (PR5)

16. (PR5)

17. (PR5)

18. (PR5)

19. (PR5)

20. (PR5)

21. (PR5)

22. (PR5)

23. (PR5)

24. (PR5)

25. (PR5)

free backlinks

Free Backlinking by Blogging

Another method of backlinking is blogging. There are many free blogging platforms with high PR. Open an account with these sites and start blogging about relevant topics with outbound links to your website.

Every blog post, no matter how short, with outbound links is already a good source of backlink. Thus, the more blog posts you publish, the more backlinks you will also create. Some of the recommended blogs with high page rank are as follows:

   (copy the link below and past to your browser)

- (PR9)

- m (PR9)

- (PR8)

- (PR8)

- (PR8)

- (PR8)

- (PR7)

- (PR7)

- (PR7)

- (PR7)

- (PR7)

- (PR7)

- (PR7)

- (PR6)

- (PR6)


Free Backlinking by Publishing Articles

Another way to create free high PR backlinks is to create good quality articles and submit them to several top directories and web 2.0 properties with high PR. Unlike forum posting, this requires more time from your end since you will have to create long articles per backlink.

However, the good thing about this method is that you will not only create top-notch quality outbound links pointing to your site but get targeted visitors as well. If your contents are good and they provide value to the readers, your visitors may also purchase in your site and improve its conversion rate.

Just like the rest, you must also ensure to submit your articles in high PR article directories that allow you to create ‘do follow’ links. You can start your backlinking via article marketing in some of these article sites below.

   (copy the link below and past to your browser)

- (PR7)

- (PR6)

- (PR6)

- (PR6)

- (PR6)

- (PR6)

- (PR5)

- (PR5)

- (PR5)

- (PR4)

- (PR4)


- (PR4)

- (PR4)

- (PR4)

free backlinks

While it is good to know the top ‘do follow’ article directories with good page rank, it is important to know the ‘no follow’ popular article sites as well so that you can avoid these sites if you are building backlinks. But if you want to get direct traffic, then go ahead and submit your articles in these well-respected sites listed as follows:

   (copy the link below and past to your browser)

- (PR6)

- (PR5)

- (PR5)

- (PR5)

- (PR4)


There are many ways of creating free high PR backlinks and you can formulate your own unique strategies to get more links for better search engine ranking of your site. Just make sure to create free high PR backlinks at the ‘do follow’ sites.


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